99 suburban fuel pump


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99 suburban fuel pump

How can I check to see if the fuel pump is working?
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If you remove the gas cap put your ear next to the filler neck and have someone turn the key on if it's working you should hear it run.Check the fuse,relay and pump wiring connector if it doesn't run.Check for power and ground at the fuel pump connector.You will have to lower the tank to check this.

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I just went through replacing a bad fual pump on my wifes 99 Tahoe. I was able to get to the connector on top of the tank without removing the tank from the vehicle. I did have to take the tank out to change the pump but not to get to the connector to check for power.

What I did was put a jack under the middle of the tank with a piece of 2x4 for support. I took the rear tank strap off and then loosened the front strap till the bolt was just threaded through the nut. I was then able to go in from the left rear wheel and use a baseball bat to pry down on the tank enough to get my hand in and disconnect the plug on top of the tank. There is enough wire to get the plug out into the wheelwell to test using a test light or multi-meter.

It worked for me but I had to remove the tank anyway.

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The tank doesn't have to be moved to test for power. There's almost always a connector within reach before the tank. Even if there wasn't, the wires are at least available leading to the tank. Just find the feed wire. It's usually gray. Remember, it only stays on for 4-5 seconds when the key is cycled on. It can also be tested from the test connector that is usually alongside the relay.

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