power steering ?


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power steering ?

I Have a 1989 Chevy barretta, 4cyl. automatic with a/c. I live in New York and in the winter time when the temperature is colder outside like below 32 degrees, when I start the vehicle after it has sat overnight , when i start it up and i turn the wheels the lights dim and the voltmeter on the dash goes way down. It does this maybe through 3 or 4 turns then it ceases. it seems to do it worse the colder it gets. it was bad the other day when the temp got down to 10 degrees. I started the car and backed out of the drive and when I turned I thought it was going to stall. By the time I hit the third turn everything was fine. Any suggestions.
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Now with the colder weather oil "gets thicker". It is harder for the pump to push that fluid through because it is thick. There is usualy a switch on the p/s pump to tell the car to raise the idle so that with the extra load on the engine (due to the pump "pushing " fluid to turn) wont stall. If the switch isn't working the car may stall/ lights dim due to alternator turning slower. This may not be noticeable in the summer because the oil is "thinner". Take it to a technican so it can be diagnosed for sure.

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