heater problem


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heater problem

I have a 1997 Plymouth Voyager 6cyl. 3.2 ltr. with air conditioning.
I noticed the last few weeks ,now that it is colder outside, that the heater isn't working quite right. it seems that when I drive it after it has been sitting for a while, if you watch the temperature guage on the dash it takes forever for it to start registering. I drove it this morning to work and and the temp guage was on cold for about the first 8 miles of driving at normal speeds 35-40mph. the heater was gradually getting warmer. after about 8 miles the temp gauge actually started increasing and so did the heat. finally after getting to work after 20 minutes of driving the the heater started cranking, but there was a weird odor inside the vehicle. it wasn't an antifreeze smell like a leaking heater core or anything , it was just a weird smell almost like if a belt was slipping or something. this only happened after the heater was on for a long time. Any suggestions. Does this sound like it could be a thermostat problem. thanks
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I would start with the thermostat. As for the smell, you may have some debris in the heater core housing such as leaves that is giving you an odor when the core heats up.
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exactly what tow guy said again

your description is of a stuck open thermostat, allowing maximum cooling of the engine all the time, add the cold weather and you end up with no heat.

this is assuming the radiator is completly full, and no leaks anywhere(low coolant can cause no heat too)

you either have a 3.0L or a 3.3L, (unless someone stuffed a 3.2L in there.) they are close in size, but two very different engines.

if you're interensted in doing this job, let us know

can't help you with the smell (unless it's a burning/smoke type smell)

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