Ford Aerostar heat


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Ford Aerostar heat

I have a 1993 Ford Aerostar I have just had the stat changed and it is working fine. Ihave separate rear heat and it is blowing really hot but the front is only slightly warm
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Sounds like a blend door problem. When you switch from heat to A/C can you hear a "thunk" under the dash on the passenger side?
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aerostar heat

I believe the blend door is working, air changes from vent to defrost or feet and temp of air changes from cold to warm settings. I there a way to check the door operation. The lines heading into the heater core are hot. When I change from defrost to vent I get a short blast of warm air and then it cools off rapidly it is not as cold as the outside air but alot cooler than the rear heat
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Your recirc door may be sticking open or the blend door not closing all the way.
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aerostar heat

If the problem is the blend door or the recirc door how do I find out for sure and then repair the problem or is ther a quick fix until the temp rises, and I can spend more than 2 minutes out side without freezing off certain parts of the human body.

Thanks in advance
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i have an 88 ford aerostar that had the same prob. I replaced my heater core i have not had prob. since Aerostars are known for this

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