Cold transmission slip


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Cold transmission slip

I have a 1994 GMC 1500, 4.3TBI automatic, 123K miles. When stating cold, the transmission slips between gears, but after things have warmed up the slipping disappears. Last tranny service was a flush and fill 2 years ago. Any simple suggestions? Fluid level seems within range on the dipstick. What might I be looking at cost-wise for new/rebuilt/used transmissions? Right now the cost of a new truck is somewhat prohibitive; I'd like to keep this one running, barring the law of diminishing returns...


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Flush and Fill??? Was the filter replaced? How many miles in that 2 years? Sounds like you may have a clogged filter at the very least. You can TRY to do a trans service, but if there is internal damage then it is likely to make things worse. You will know it right away. Most shops are gonna charge you somewhere around $1200 to R&R and Rebuild.
Hope this is helpful to ya,
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i agree with billy. change the filter.
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Originally posted by kerry
i agree with billy. change the filter.
Billy also said it would likely make things worse, which is true.
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im no mechanic, but it sounds like he is going to have to do something soon. if it were me, i would start with the cheapest solution first. if it works great, if not go ahead and change or rebuild. just an opinion. what do you think?
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A fluid/filter change could solve your problem...and I might sneak in some high quality seal conditioner...while nobody is looking.

If the filter is getting plugged or the fluid viscosity is out of specs...this will starve the pump and you can hear the pump making a cavitating noise much like power steering pump when it is low on fluid. This will be more pronounced...when the tranny is cold and the fluid viscosity is higher.

Most likely...your clutch pack piston seals are losing their flexibility and ability to properly seal when a result, the clutch pack is not applied within the necessary time span to prevent engine revving.

New fluid may condition the seals...but I think a small addition of seal conditioner will certainly boost the odds in your favor.

The conditioner much be of type that does not damage the seals or over expand them. Some stop leak type conditioners will destroy the seals after a short period. Read the label.

Otherwise a rebuild is in order.


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