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Has anyone had any experience with the Lojack auto recovery device? I hear wonderful things in their ads. I know of one person who had it and claims that it was causing their battery to drain down if the car was left sitting unused for more than a day, but it is possible they just had a crummy battery. I have a brand new battery in my vehicle. Also, has anyone purchased the Lojack from one of the online sites that sell at a discount? How was their service?
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mike from nj
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i've seen plenty of cars with it installed, never seen one complain about a battery going down.

i also didn't know they could be purchased online, i thought it was only obtainable from authorized installation dealers.

from what i've heard, it's only activated by the police, when it's reported stolen. i could be wrong again.
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Myself I know a few people who have the system on thier cars and none ever had a problem with the battery.

You got me interested, so I looked up these discount sites that sell lojack. All the sites that I've seen are selling the lojack systems for about $150.00 cheaper then the dealers. The funny thing is, who you going to find who will install the system that you bought over the internet, I'm thinking no one. With lojack, you have to be a certified installer to put one in and I'm thinking most places will not install the unit unless you buy it from them.
I know if you contact lojack, they will or can have someone come out to your home and install it right at your house, but I'm sure they will charge you a pretty penny to do so. You may want to contact lojack first before you mail out your money for a system. You know, ask them if it's safe to buy a system over the net, and how much it will cost to install. You never know it may turn out to be cheaper if you just go to the dealer.
I don't know if you looked into GPS tracking systems, but they are sweet, If I was to buy a security system, I would get one of them.
I think they are 10 times better then lojack but they charge you $10.00 a month. The thing with them is. if your car is stolen all you have to do is make a phone call and it will tell you where your car is, if it parked,or on a highway and how fast the car is going. It's pretty much like on-star but without the voice box in the car.
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I have the same understanding of Lojack installs as Mike.

When we have a problem pertaining to Lojack installs or the transmiter they will not even tell us were it is place in the car.

Also there are some hidden fee's down the road with Lojack. After a certain period, the battery has to be replaced in the transmitter. Only Lojack can do it and I think I heard it was around $125 if memory serves me correct.
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I want to thank everyone for the information. You can buy the Lojack from an allegedly authorized dealer which includes installation anywhere, for $495. But I'm leery of buying on-line from someone in California while I'm in New York. What happens if I should need service down the line?

I am very intested in the GPS system and am going to look into it. Lojack ad says that GPS systems need direct line of sight to satellites orbiting the earth, while Lojack works through walls, ceilings, and underground garages. To be continued.........
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While it is said that gps needs a clear view of the sky I must disagree.We have set up hundreds of Onstar accounts inside the building.Gps needs to find the car initialy by 3 satellites after that I think it can pinpoint the car.I've also had my position read on navigation radio inside the building,I would agree that optimum reception would be outside but not to the degree they state.Once gps coodinates are established they pretty much know where you are,even in a building.I don't know about Lojack but Onstar tracks your car to the point that they will tell you that the ses light is on and direct you to a service department.It's all big brother, I love my privacy.Also most auto manufacturers have made cars very hard to steal without a tow truck but it can happen not very likely though.If your car is stolen and beat to hell do you want it back to keep or do you want to trade it in and lose more than if it was never recovered?Just my opinion and yes I had a car stolen from me.

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