heater core install


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Question heater core install

I have an 89 Jeep Cherokee that needs a new heater core put in it. Can anyone help with approximate time this will take and a summary of the steps involved in replacing the core?
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Salmonslammer I
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Step 1....Go out and buy a Haynes or chilton manual.

Step 2...Read it.

Step 3..Repeat step 2

Step 4...Tear apart jeep.

Step 5 ...Tear out hair.

Step 6..Come back and let us know where you are at...Someone will be able to help you out then.

Heater cores are about the biggest pain in the a.. when it comes to auto repair. Way to complex to try and explain in a forum. Never done a jeep through..Maybe you will get lucky. I Sold a car once because it was too big of a job to replace it.

I think you can meausre the amount of time required in days and not hours...
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Thats one job where the OEM manuel will be indispensable and pay for itself after the first job. Maybe your local library may have a copy.

Some vehicles involve discharging the A/C which by law you need to be certified and have recovery equipment('89= R-12).

If so you could have a shop recover your freon and you do the rest up to the recharge.

Sometimes when they build the vehicle the first part is the heater core and build around it!
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I agree with the other two people I changed the heater core one my aerostar it was a pain in the well you know if you know aerostars you know what I mean not much room under the dash
and in front of pass. seat
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darrell McCoy
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Also, if possible, it's easier if you remove the front seat, ya got more room.

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