'91 Celica cylinder head replacement


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'91 Celica cylinder head replacement

I own a '91 Toyota Celica and it is burning quite a bit of oil , the diagnosis was I have a bad valve , or more than one , but a valve job is pretty expensive , I was wondering if there is a place I can go to find a pre-built head and put it in myself , my engine is a 2.2L . I really need to find this part , hopefully a performance head .
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Do a web search for cylinder head or toyota cylinder head and see what it nets you. There are lots of places that do reman work on cylinder heads. If you are mechanically inclined and able to attempt this then just take the head off and take it to a local machine shop. They can tailor make the head to fit your needs and you will come out to the good opposed to buying a new head.
Hope this is helpful to ya,
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I hope they meant bad valve stem guides and or seals because a burnt valve will not make your car use oil,lose compression,misfire,poor mileage,rough idle or lack power yes but not use oil.Get a good manual and you can change the head yourself if you have the tools.Metric sockets and wrenches and a torque wrench and maybe a torque angle guage.
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Purchasing a reman head is no cheaper than having yours rebuilt, probably more. As far as changing it your self, this may not be the engine to try it on. The 22R is a pretty difficult engine to get timed since it uses a chain and the top gear is enclosed. I'm sure Toyotaman will be along to give some clarity on the issue but it not an easy one to learn on.
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5SF-E's are know for bad valve seals(puffs on start up).

I agree about having you head done vs a rebuilt replacement.

This engine has a belt. Agree with Davo about the burnt valve stuff.

Does it run bad? How much oil does it use? How many miles? Is it sludged up? Does the crankcase breather work?
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Originally posted by toyotaman11769
This engine has a belt.
Sorry, thought he had a 22R.

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