2001 dodge neon problem headlight fuse 40a keeps blowing out ?


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2001 dodge neon problem headlight fuse 40a keeps blowing out ?

HI I know of 2 2001 dodge neons standard their headlight fuse keeps blowing happen to one of them twice and then once to another neon can any one tell me why this would happen anywasy thanks?
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There must be an intermitant short somewhere or the circuit was not designed properly at the factory(very unlikely).
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mike from nj
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the headlamps are fed by 10 amp fuses, whatever else is on that 40A fuse might be blowing it. it takes a LOT to blow those slo-blo fuses, like a direct short. i'd be willing to bet there's aftermarket stuff hooked up somewhere (improperly!)

is there?

if it's under 3 year/36,000 miles, take it back for a warranty repair.

ps. i've never seen one of these blow before.
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this fuse is the one under the hood all of these vehicles are all stock from factory

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