click noise while steering


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click noise while steering

2000 cavalier

clicking noise while steering at low speeds - like when turning into my driveway - I can also feel it in the break pedal.

any idea what this is ?
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darrell McCoy
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Have the cv joints checked.
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Check your lugnuts....eeek
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If you hear it accelerating through a turn from a stop, that's a C/V joint. If it's a light ticking sound, see if applying light brake pressure stops it.
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Lightbulb clicking noise

We had the same problem with 2001 impala... G.M. service was stumped too, but they looked up on the computer and found that it is a reported problem. The dealership service department had to order a special tool to fix it, but they did correct the problem. The car has to be left overnight because it has to be in warm conditions for 24 hours. Hope this helps.
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The last time I had that problem it was the wheel bearings, Jack the front end up and see if you can move either one of the tires side to side. If you can , get that car to the shop as fast as possible.
If the bearings are really bad , you may even be able to move the tires side to side on the ground.
Just my 2 cents

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