97 Dodge Caravan Instruments


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Unhappy 97 Dodge Caravan Instruments

I have a 97 Dodge Grand Caravan with 110K miles. The instrument panel went dead (speedometer, gas gauge, etc) while car operation is fine. I assume it is a electronic module issue. What is the cost and how do I go about fixing? Thanks.
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Could be the printed circuit board behind the dash, or the instrument panel itself, or even the BCM. You will have to get it checked out by a professional to get a proper diagnosis. Most likely a dealer only type repair.
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Do you have any fuses blown?My mom had sim problem and we took it to a couple fix shops with no luck. I checked it over and when I unpluged the bcm and pluged it back the problem was gone.I was told that the bcm reset when I unpluged it.I'm going to say though it was not a job for everyone to do!!!The bcm was behind dash, not easy to get at. Good luck.
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i've replaced a few printed circuit boards for this problem (which is the dash cluster), however not without diagnosing it first.

the solder joints crack, as i'm told. no-i haven't looked to find out where they are.

usually a good smack will revive it, like with the side of your fist. when i'm removing it, the slightest bump brings it back up.

you can easily replace it yourself, but it has to be calibrated with a scan tool capable of communicating with the system. all the zero points need to be set.
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I started having trouble with my 97 Grand Voyager (same van)
doing all kinds of nasty little things. Not the least of which was guage problems. We had it diag by a dealer that couldn't tell us for sure what was going on. Took it to an auto electric shop that confirmed the BCM. (our BCM was making noise under the dash like a PC harddrive seeking datarobable a small relay on the ICB) Anyway, the BCM runs everything in the body of the vehicle, including door locks, theft control, wipers and guages. It runs right aroung 500.00 installed and will need to be programmed/synchronized with the PCM at the dealer. We dealt with this problem since the vehicle was new. Our problem started with the wipers going on by themselves (vehicle on or off) and was misdiagnosed (under warranty/twice) as being the multifunction switch. RJ

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