my throtle is stuck?


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my throtle is stuck?

i have a 1990 honda civic lx and i belive it has a 1.5. i recently changed out my fuel filter and i think i may have knocked something loose in the process (due the fact that the bolts were extremly hard to get off). well anyway i drove it right afterwards on the interstate at about 70-75 miles per hour for about 15 mile when i bagan to slow down it wasn't doing it properly. when i came to a stop i was idleing at about 1.5 rpm and when i put it in park it was at 3.5. i think the throtle may be stuck or i put a kink in the line. now i would like your opinion on what you think is wrong and what i can possibly do about this. and the pedal has alot of play in it.
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You probably messed up the cable somehow. Go look at the cable and have somebody else work the throttle and look to see what it's catching on. You probably pulled the cable out of it's seat or something.

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