88 olds torondao won't start


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Unhappy 88 olds torondao won't start

I have an 88 oldsmobile toronado with the 3.8 L vin code C engine. It uses the magnavox style coil pack. I recently hooked up a timing light that showed half the wires not doing anything. I cleaned the posts and put the wires back on, I then cleaned the other side and put them back on and I THOUGHT I got them in the right order but my baby ran REAL rough. I tried switch a couple wires that might have been mixxed up and the engine bucked around and wouldn't start( there was no way it was firing in the right order) so I switched the wires back and got the same. I found the firing order of the cylinders and matched it with the numbers on the coil pack and got NOTHING. If somebody has this engine in their car could you please tell me which cylinder is hooked where on the coil pack?

Thank you very much.
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'88 Toronado Firing Order

Since you cleaned your wires and tips on the coilpack and it still isn't working, Just replace it. They aren't super cheap, but not all that expensive either. It also could be your Ignition Module, get it checked at an automotive electrical shop.

Good Luck.
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thanx jesse

I already purchased an Accel performance coil pack for it so hopefully I will have a little more spunk.
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If you had corrosion,rust or black soot on the coil you must replace the wires at the same time or you will have a repeat problem.You can remove the coil leaving the leaving the wires attached and test the module.Attach a testlight to a good ground and have someone crank the engine.Touch the probe to each of the 3 different colored wires attached to the underside of the coil.The light should flash on all 3 if it does the coil is bad,if it doesn't you most likely will need a module.

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