"check engine" light staying on


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"check engine" light staying on

I have a 98 Chevy Malibu. My check engine light is staying on and I can't figure out why? I did have a hole in my gas tank that we patched about two weeks ago. It is not running hot and the oil level in fine. What else could it be???
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Go to Autozone and have them read the codes then post the code # or #s.Then we will give it a shot there are too many things to list that turn the SES light on.
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Take your car to autozone and have them scan the PCM/ECU with a diagnosis scan tool (should do for free?) and see if they can give you a trouble code (tells what part is bad). If they cant do it, go to the dealership and have them scan it and tell you whats wrong. The gas tank probably has nothing to do with it. When the Check Engine Light comes on it can be almost ANYTHING wrong electromechanically with the car/engine.

Edit: Arg, lol listen to Davo...he beat me by like 10mins on this one...
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Did you get an air tight patch on the tank? Some models even if the cap is loose you will get a check engine lite. Like davo says, get a code. You can pinpoint it.

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