Throttle Body Fuel Leak 1989 Chevy Truck


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Post Throttle Body Fuel Leak 1989 Chevy Truck

After replacing fuel lines (Both Feed and Return) on my 1989 Chevy 2500 Truck, 350 motor, I started the vehicle and after an extended time cranking, it started up. I backed it off of the ramps and shut it off. I went to put the air breather back on and noticed a pocket of fuel on the intake manifold (Drivers Side). I cleaned it up and rechecked the line fittings for tightness. I did not find anything loose. I restarted the vehicle; it sputtered a little but then smoothed out. After about 1 to 2 mins running it started to sputter again and then stopped running. About three to five seconds later a surge of fuel ran down the driverís side of the throttle body and puddled in the same area where I noticed the fuel before. The fuel did not appear to come from the fuel line fittings.

Any thoughts what the problem is?
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mike from nj
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get a flashlight and a fire extinguisher and watch exactly where the leak is coming from.

maybe the o-ring got rolled, or the line isn't the exact size to compress the o-ring properly, or the old o-ring was left in the throttle body fitting(2 is not better than 1). are these factory lines, or someone else's?

let us know what you find
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Follow Mike's instructions to find the leak. You could have a bad fuel rail. That's fairly common, especially after handling it.

Oops, wasn't paying attention. Thought you had ported.

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It's possible you may have damaged or cracked a fitting at the t-body or one one of the lines is cracked or wasn't made properly causing a bad seal.I'd almost bet Mike is right about the o-ring.
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I checked the fuel lines and did not find any additional seals on the line or in the throttle body fittings. I tightened them back down and had someone start the Truck while I observed. It appears the drivers side Fuel Injector is sticking open and filling the cylinder with fuel and causing a stall out. after stalling , it then continues to fill for about 4 to 5 more seconds. To the point that it over flows down the drivers side of the Throttle Body. I am assuming that I need to replace the fuel injector assembly on that side. Any thoughts?

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Yes if fuel still flows out of that injector after stalling you've found your problem a mechanical injector type failure.Replace it and you should be fine.

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