car won't go when put in OD, works in D


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car won't go when put in OD, works in D

I have a 1990 Chrysler New Yorker with 100000 miles. When I put the transmission to the D with a circle around it, the car doesn't move. It works fine otherwise; in regular drive no problem. I had the transmission fluid flushed at a jiffy lube, but the problem doesn't go away. Is this something that I should be very worried about? My son will be driving the car from new mexico to california, and I don't want the transmission quitting enroute. Please help!
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Sounds like a cable adjustment or valve body issue mike from nj will be along to offer advice on this one.Give him time he posts at night.
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mike from nj
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i'm also thinking a cable adjustment or even an indicator issue in the dash.

when you say it's normal when in "D"-----how normal?
does it up shift through all 4 gears?

if not, then it really is in "D" only
if it does, then it really is in "OD"

OD, D and L are only 'shift point' selections on this style trans.

L will still give you 3 forward gears, however the shift points are very high, and it downshift very early too---ideal for towing

D is noticeably higher shiftpoints than normal, but limits top gear to 3rd (also, like L)---ideal for driving down huge mountains

it will never reach 4th gear in D, but it will in OD. that's how you tell which gear you've actually selected.

does the shifter feel loose? any clunking noises that can be heard from the shifter when moving it back and forth.

you could have a loose cable clip under the dash, or a loose cable clamp on the trans.

either way, it needs to be fixed before driving anywhere. if it is inside the trans, catching it early is the best way to prevent expensive failures. the last time i drove from phoenix to vegas( a good length of I-40), my cell phone said "no service" for a LOOOONG time. that's no place to take chances with a trans that's already giving you problems. i can also tell you to skip the jiffy lube next time, that alone might cause problems.

let us know what you do
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I had a GM product that had similar symptons. Turned out a nut on the inside of the transmission had come loose. I was lucky it hadn't come off in the inside and cause damage.
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Thank you so much for all who replied. I had my son take the car to a transmission shop, and they found a stretched cable was the problem. He drove the 1000 miles home without a breakdown - yeah! Thanks again, you guys are great!

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