98 gmc sierra,4.3vortec f/i


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98 gmc sierra,4.3vortec f/i

I have noticed a problem w/ truck on cold starts. Every time I start in the morning it rattles like a diesel engine. The noise starts to go away as the engine warms up untill it dissapears. The colder the weather the louder the noise. Asked a few knowhow friends and they said it sounded like a rod nock but rod knock get louder as the engine gets warmer don`t they. Had problem for about 3 mos. All input appreciated. THANKS GUYS.
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I hope your using the 5W30 oil that is required for that truck. If your not, change it immediatly and you'll see a difference. Heavier oils will do serious damage in extreme cold weather.
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I always use 5w30 castrol. sometimes I`ll switch to 5w30 mobil-1 syn. problem is the same. If I accelerate engine when it`s cold noise gets louder but after it warms up it runs great and purss like a kitten. Any more inputs will be greatly appreciated.
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It may be carbon deposits.Try using top engine cleaner on the truck(available at a Gm dealer)if that doesn't solve the problem you may need a tensioner kit installed to reduce the noise from the balance shaft.
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cold starts

davo, how does a tensioner kit help eliminate the noise?

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