thermostat in or out


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Question thermostat in or out

Not getting heat even after driving with heat cranked up to high for 45 minutes - just cold air. After car sat for 15 minutes, I had to drive again and was surprised when the heat came on. I heard if you take out the thermostat, you won't have trouble getting heat. Is this an okay thing to do?
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Just the opposite, if you remove the thermostat the engine will not reach operating temp and provide NO heat.

Where does the temp gauge read?
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darrell McCoy
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Feel your heater hoses. Sounds like maybe you might have air deflector/heat control problems.
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Thermostats do occasionally stick in the open, or shut position.
If your car is over three years old, a new thermostat is a cheap investment. Especially in your frosty climate. If your engine is not up to normal operating temerature, you will be wasting fuel and the engine may not receive proper lubrication.
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Is the coolant level in the radiator full?If not have it pressure tested to find the leak.What make/ model /year car or truck?A thermostat allows an engine to get and maitain the specified operating temperature while cooling the engine.If you remove the thermostat the coolant moves too quick through the engine to provide adequate cooling to all engine components.It is a built in restriction to control the flow of coolant not just temperature control.
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94 Pontiac Grand Am v-6 - 130,000 miles. Had all fluids checked before cold snap - everything was okay. How is the level of the coolant checked in the radiator? Instructions would help a great deal. Thanks!
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darrell McCoy
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with engine cold, simply take rad. cap off and look inside. Also the overflow tank should be up to the full cold mark when cold. Seems a 94, it shoud still have the "green" coolant. As previously stated, next time you have no heat, feel the heater hoses. If thats a 3.1, it is a good project to change the T. Stat. 1.5 hrs if you make every lick count. Use OEM t.sat gasket. Believe me you dont want to have to do it twice. Granted, a 94 and if the T. sat has never been changed, its way overdue. Coolant also.
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Many thanks for the info. Looks like a good weekend projects. Thanks for all your help!
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