windshield wipers


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windshield wipers

I have an 89 Chevy Barretta and i am having trouble with the windshield wipers and i am not sure how the system works. the wiper motor seems to be working fine and when the window is clear of snow the windshield wipers work fine. However, if there is a little bit of snow on the window the left wiper works fine and the right wiper doesn't move ( it looks like it wants to cause you can see it move slightly). not sure why this does this. when the wipers are off if i try to move the left one by hand it won't move, but if I try to move the other one I can swing it back and forth. any thoughts. It doesn't seem like the motor though, unless something is broken where the arm connects to the motor. It's to cold here in NY so i haven't really looked into this problem yet. thanks
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I've had problems with the bolt holding the arm on coming loose. Just open the hood, pop the cap covering the bolt and tighten it up. Whenever there's a freeze pop the wiper loose from the windshield before turning them on.

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