1999 ford f-150 head gasket


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Question 1999 ford f-150 head gasket

I was told that I need to replace the head gasket on my truck. Is this something that can be done by a diy? I'd hate to spend the cash on getting her repaired. The estimate is a grand.
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Yes you can do it you will need handtools,torque wrench and a good service manual(Ford preffered).You will have to send the cylinder head to an automotive machine shop to be tested and the surface machined if needed.Just take your time and mark things as needed for reassembly.Change the oil when you are done.
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Smile ford manual

I imagine this is one of those times when you need backup transportation until the job is done. Can you suggest a good place to locate a ford manual?
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You can get manuals at auto parts store or a ford dealer.
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This is where you can get a factory service manual, although a bit pricey it might be the better way to go.

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before yo do this talk to your dealer. Check if they are willing to help on the head gasket replacement. There have been issues with the way the certain blocks were cast and a gasket replacement may not solve your problem. No harm in asking and it may save you ALOT of trouble. if you do try to do it your self go on ebay and get your self a ford service cd for your truck. just an example: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eB...tem=2454318535
I'm not recommending or not not?! recommending this seller.
BTW here is the TSB http://www.thedieselstop.com/faq/949...les/022207.pdf

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Thanks for all the advice. Our library actually had the full manual for our vehicle. We are having another mechanic take a look to see if the head gasket is the real problem before we jump into the engine. Our truck has over 90K on it and it may be time for a full vehicle overhaul. I want to keep her until the body falls apart.
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The first step to a good repair is proper diagnosis. Before jumping into this repair, back up and tell us why you think the head gasket needs to be replaced. We can help you verify this condition. I'd hate to see a lot of work invested for naught.
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What size motor is this? 4.2 liter the intake manifold gasket has a problem?
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I took my truck to another mechanic and he verified that it is the head gasket. Hopefully there is not a crack in the head as well. The engine is a 5.4L V8. The issue I have now is deciding whether it would be worth it to rent the engine lift and really pull this baby apart or let the mechanic do it for $1600. I'm told it will take one day for two mechanics to take care of the repair. Does that sound right?
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Don't laugh but here at the dealer we take the body of the truck off to replace the headgaskets alot faster. One thing you have to think about is getting the camshafts re-timed. They do make a new style gasket of this concern. How many miles does this truck have on it and our you the first owner? Ford might help you out on the repair? Hey! Is this by chance the right head?

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