not passing e-check


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not passing e-check

i have a 1992 astro van 140,000 miles runs very well ,noproblems untill i went to get e-checked. did not pass the nox. test , took it to garage and they say egr valve was not closing all the way . also said vaccumn line on cruise controll was cracked and the solonoid on egr valve was stuck all the way open, just wondering if this sound like the problem i have not heard of the solonoid part of it ?
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The EGR valve does have an internal solenoid. It's purpose is to control the amount of vacuum applied to the diaphram of the EGR valve. It is normally open unless it is getting a signal from the computer to modulate the vacuum. To work properly you need vacuum, a good seal between the plunger and it's seat, and response to signals from the computer. It sounds like your mechanic is giving you a straight story.
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Nox is related to combustion chamber temp.Egr valves open to lower the temp in the combustion chamber.If your egr valve wasn't closed you would get a rough idle or stalling unless the valve or port is clogged.Things I would check are ignition timing,coolant system operating temp(don't overlook the fan clutch),egr function and for combustion chamber carbon deposits.If it runs ok I'd lean towards the egr being inop or the ports are clogged.
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thanks for the replies, it passed e-check and runs great, they also flushed the cooling system.he recommended maybe getting a processed called motorvac carbon cleaning. i have only read the pamphlet and have never heard of this process.he said this would helpwith the over all performance with the vechicle he gave me a price of $90.00 to do this, is it worth the money or not.the reason he mentioned it was i just passed the nox test so in 2 years i might be where i started at of failing.

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