Cracked head gasket


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Cracked head gasket

Now, I understand that driving a vehicle with a cracked head gasket is bad for the vehicle. I'm trading my car in on another vehicle, and I don't really expect to get much for it. The main problem is that the place I'm going to to get another vehicle and to trade my in at is about 400 miles away. I don't care if by the time I get there the car won't ever start again, I just want to know if I can get there. Will I possible be able to drive my vehicle with the cracked head gasket four hundred miles, or will it die on the way there and leave me stuck?
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darrell McCoy
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depends on if it is leaking to the inside or the outside. To the inside, I wouldnt drive it 2 miles.
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...if coolant is going through the engine, you don't have a prayer. if, on the other hand, it is leaking externally...carry some extra water/coolant with you and keep an eye on it and you'll probably make it
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It's a very risky move either way. Even if it's not leaking into the oil, it will likely overheat very quickly. If combustion is getting into the coolant, it will superheat the coolant in short order. One way or the other, you'll likely end up on the side of the road with a worthless engine.

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