Overspray removal


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Overspray removal

2 Questions:
While spraying primer on the rear quarter panel of my car, I inadvertently got overspray along the side of the car. How do i remove this? I heard paint thinner works well....is this true?

I also seem to have what seems to be tree sap, or some kind of darkish brown residue spots on the rear of the body and on the right rear windows...I have tried washing my car with a pressure washer and dishsoap but it wont budge! What can I use/do?
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darrell McCoy
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I have had good results with Clay Magic on the problems of which you speak. It will remove just overspray film. About 10 bucks at the Zone. If you have a lot of thick over spray, before you use any type thinner, find out what type original paint you have on the car.. You could also inquire at a body shop. Magic is good on sap and it will not harm glass either.
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Darrell, thanks for your reply and your advice. I will give your suggestions a try..
Last nite, I got most of the brownish tree sappy spots off my car by soaking a rag in mineral spirits and scrubbing as hard as i could and it removed it, but hopefully the Clay Magic will penetrate the spots more effectively so I dont have to put forth so much effort and time.
thanks again!

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