91 buick century 3.3 engine


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Question 91 buick century 3.3 engine

I have a problem with gas. Engine stalls and won't restart. Fuel pump working. Fuel pressure OK. Ignition working. Engine will start when sprayed with starting fluid. No error codes. Seems like injectors aren't firing. Any other suggestions?
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how do you know?

that the fuel pressure is ok...what is the fuel pressure reading KOEO and KOER. verify this first. you can buy or make a special test light to check for injector drive. if you make it...purchase a 25mA bulb from radio shack (a higher amperage bulb may damage your computer) solder a couple short wires to it and then tin the other ends of the wires...now you have something that you can plug into the injector connector.

unplug an injector and connect your test light across the terminals and have someone crank the engine. if the light does not flash, check for 12 volts on one of the wires...if no 12 volts on either wire, you'll need a wire diagram to start back tracking the circuit to find where it's open. if the light DOES flash, your problem is somewhere else.

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