1991 ford explorer / clutch or trans


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Kim bradford
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Unhappy 1991 ford explorer / clutch or trans

my explorer feel like something broke becuse it wom't move and the cluch just goes to the floor when depressed. It was my clutch 300 dallors later I am back on the road. I have a five speed and a 4.0 engine thanks for all the advise.

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get it double checked...

...but...if it has a Mazda 5 speed...and most of them did...it probably broke the input shaft. it's messy when it happens and takes a bunch of other internal stuff with it. someone might be able to find a used one (they're getting fewer and farther between here)...you can also get reman units or possibly have that one repaired at a trans shop. used is probably the cheapest route...call around and get several estimates before you decide...and definately get it checked to be sure of what's happened.
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91 explorer eh???If you have the v8 model, it should be the 5.0 engine. In that case, I am willing to bet the farm that you have a t5 (mustang trans)

It is VERY common for the t5's to snap clutch cables. This is a $30 fix...if you get the cable from the right place, and very easy. Let me know what engine you have, and we can try to figure out what trans you have.

However, if you have the 6 banger, chances are you have what I think is a m5r2, or what the previous poster said, a mazda trans.

Do you know if there is a container under the hood for hydraulic fluid??? if there is, you have the mazda tranny, if you don't have one, you have the cable driven t5, which is good

I picked up a mazda tranny once, and searched for months and months to find a buyer. Ha, good luck ever finding one again, so lets hope you don't have that tranny. FYI, ford stopped building the sincros and other internal parts for some of the older mazda trannies, and you can only special order them from mazda of japan for something like $200 per sincro good luck, and let us know what you find out!!
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In '91, Explorer's didn't have 302's (5.0), and if they did, it most likely wouldn't come with a T-5.
She has a 4L V6 with an M5R1 tranny and they did come in rangers, and also b2000's (mazda pickup) to name a couple. So im assuming you can probably use the m5r1 tranny from those two also... You can find remanufactured units for as cheap as $600, but usually around $700-900...
Before you let anyone start taking apart your car, get a few opinions on what exactly it could be, and then a couple other esitmates for each possible problem...

Best of Luck to You.
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Before you go jumping to $1000 conclusions answer one question. Does the clutch pedal feel normal with the usual amount of free play and resistance? If it feels normal, you likely have a transmission issue. If the pedal doesn't feel normal, you likely have a clutch issue which could be a number of things. I'm not sure how it's equipped but nobody previously mentioned hydraulics so I guess it uses a cable. A broken fork or pressure plate would also be among clutch possibilities.
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Trans is a M5OD. It does have a hydraulic clutch control system. Check the release bearing have seen these come apart and cause what you have. You will have to remove the trans to see this.
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Desi's right about jumping to conclusions....I know I have a little problem with that . Also to clear up the "what tranny you got" question. It's full name is M5OD-R1....OD stands for overdrive.

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