Lexus CV Boot


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Lexus CV Boot

Just had new CV boots installed on left rear axle of my 99 RX300 all-wheel drive. New boots only have two "folds" vs original which had four. Folds in the original boots are uniform and fairly close to each other. The two folds in the new boots are stretched to cover the same overall length. This work was done by the Lexus dealer so I assume they are using original Lexus parts. Is it possible they installed the wrong boots? Two folds strechted to cover the same length as four doesn't look right to me?
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Disregard my first post. I've had a chance to look at the boots more closely and now know the problem.

The small diameter side of the boot is supposed to be clamped on a stepped-up part of the axle. Instead, it is stretched out beyond the step and clamped to the smaller diameter axle. So, the inside diameter of the boot is larger than the shaft creating a loose fit. I don't know if the tech clamped the boot in the wrong place or if the boot stretched-out on its own.

In either event, I don't see how the boot can be pushed back into the proper position and have a satisfactory fix long term. Seems like the boot will have to be reclamped.

Any suggestions/comments?
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I would take it back and have them recheck the work if it's not correct they need to correct it for free.

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