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I have a 1996 Chev Lumina, last night my wife got in it, when she tried to start the car it made a click then would not do anything. It acted like the battery was down so I put the charger on and left it there all night. This morning I tried it again and the lights and all work but the starter will not even move. I was wondering if there is a fuse or something for the starter. If any one has an ideal I will thank you in advance.
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try cleaning the battery posts and cables. our bonniville used to do the same thing.
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Had a similar situation on a Buick Skylark. While you are cleaning terminals, be sure to check the heavy feed wire at the starter. Since it is always hot, I would suggest disconnecting it at the battery and then disconect and clean it at the starter terminal. Got my son going (long distance call) one cold night by having him give it a wack with a hammer. It jarred the wire just enough to break the corrosion insulating it.
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Check for 12 volts at the battery cable at the starter.Next take a testlight,touch it to the terminal(small with purple wire) and see if it lights when someone attempts to start the car.If it it lights you need a starter.Also check your battery connections as posted by kerry.
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Delco had a problem with + post breaking off in the battery.

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