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Unhappy Failed e-check

Just purchased '96 Ranger 4cyl 2.3L 127K 5 speed. I knew it needed a Thermostat. No heat,Temp gauge pegged on C. Changed stat , I have heat no problem. Temp gauge still registers C. But not pegged as before. Also When I bought it the " check engine " light stayed on. Check engine light is still on all the time. Went to have e-check and truck failed. One was for the gas cap failing the pressure test. Another reading was for insufficent coolant temp. for CLO( whatever that is). Should I have changed the temp sending unit also when changing the stat.?? Other failures were MIL engine on ( failed ) and MIL Cmd Status (failed). Auto zone will check diagnostic for free ??
Where do I go from here. I will get another gas cap of course.
Bill from Ohio.
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Sounds like OBD 2 emission testing has hit Ohio.Bill, Autozone will read the codes and clear them for free.I would think the coolant temp sensor is faulty or the wiring connections.Get the codes read and post back.CLO means closed loop operation so you know.You are replacing the cap that's a no brainer but what you need to remember after we help you get the code fixed and cleared you will need to complete an OBD 2 drive cycle to get the I/M monitors to run.I'll explain in more detail after the truck is repaired.If you don't do the drive cycle you will fail again.
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OK. I have replaced the temp.sensor unit and the gas cap. Autozone reset the system and the " check engine " light is now off. I asked him about a "drive cycle", he seemed to think that it would pass at this time. He was not familar with drive cycle. Thanx
Bill from Ohio
PS The codes were PO1225 Insuffiecent temp coolant
PO 1443 Gas cap

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