1989 ford tempo power steering fluid leak


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1989 ford tempo power steering fluid leak

My steering wheel became very hard to turn the other day and it happened suddently. I stop to see what was going on and I found that my power steering reservoir was almost empty of fluid. Ilooked under the car to locate the leak and found that it was located on a rusty steel line above the rack and pinion. Went to the nearest shop to have a look at it and they said it was better to change the rack , the supply , return and pressure lines. Labor and parts $ 900 + TAX Am I taken for a ride? Can I risk changing this rusty line myself ? . UAP NAPA has the part for $ 60. 1989 ford tempo GL ,A/C, 2.3 L , 100,000 miles, the car runs very good.
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Yes you should be able to put it on with little trouble. Do not! Pay out $900 to do all that potentially and probably unnessesary work. Get that $60.00 part and replace it, see what happens then. I mean $900 is probably worth more than the car itself!
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Before you go jumping to any conclusions and condemn the shop as ripping you off, go get another opinion. It likely won't cost anything. Just because you've seen a leeak on the hose, that doesn't necessarily mean that's the ONLY leak. As for the value of the car, that's not the way to look at it. It's the cost of transportation and the value of that. Even if the repair exceeds the value of the car, does it exceed the value (and cost) of reliable transportation. ALL vehicles require maintanence and have a cost of some type. The question is "what is the value of reliable transportation" and not the value of that particular vehicle.

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