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Unhappy Heater

Hello everyone, My wife's 95 Lumina Sodan has a intermitting heater problem. I mean this car at start up will be cold then it will warm up to normal, but soon after it will stop putting out heat then the engine heat dial will show it to be overheating. And just for a few seconds then it will return to normal. After which it will put out good heat then soon it will go cold with a little throttle it will put out heat again. The local shop could find nothing wrong. I changed the thirmostat but problem persisted. Can eny one advise?
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What about your temperature sender unit? Did they test that, if they did and it's an intermittent problem it might not show up as bad, when it infact is.
It also sounds like there might be air in the cooling system. Is it leaking coolant? Maybe the "low coolant sensor" is unplugged from the radiator, or just plain bad. It might be your water pump failing on you too...
First, if you haven't already, I would burp the coolant system, then if that doesn't work try getting a Temp Sensor Unit, see if that fixes it, if it doesn't then clean it up and take it back ( ). Then if it didn't fix it, test/replace the low coolant sensor and see if that fixes it, if it doesnt....clean it up and take it back....
That's just what I would do though, you might want to take it into the dealership and see if they can do some electrical testing, just dont let them tell you that you need to replace something that you think is probably not the culprit...They try to charge you to replace Anything that you will allow them....
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Throwing parts at the problem is NOT the way to find the problem, with the exception of maybe the thermostat just to be sure it's accurate. It's NOT a temp sender problem. A temp sender can't make you lose heat simultaniously. An air pocket sounds very possible. A water pump with the fins rotted off or a restriction in the system somewhere could also do that. It's going to take some investigation to find the problem. Don't just throw parts at it. Some radiator repair shops are experts at cooling systems and may be the place to go. Their prices are a lot better than the dealer usually.
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Unhappy Heater

Hello again people
First off I would like to thank the two respondent to the trouble I have with my car. Second the advice is sound and I will apply these methods. I will add one more sympthem to this listof....
The rad. return hose has collapsed and the car stays cold longer now. Don't get me wrong I will get arround to fixing this, but it has been so cold out here in the north Montreal area I can't stay out long enough to get things accomplished. The collapse is due to the thermostat not openning? Is this true? Could it be the new thermostat is faulty? When I compile a list of remadies I'll get to it and bare the weather.
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If the rad hose is collapsing, it sounds as though the rad cap is not venting correctly causing a vacuum in the sysem. If that's the case, the system cannot work correctly, causing the coolant to boil, then an air pocket forms and the heater does not work correctly. Cheap repair, especially on that old of a vehicle. I suggest a GM cap, probably 7-8 bucks, have seen cheep ones not much better than old ones.
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I agree with Fish about being a cap

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