removed battery from car


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removed battery from car

I wonder if anyone ran across this situation before-
I removed the battery, took it to Sams to get a new one.
hooked up the new one, everything is fine except for one thing.
The Alarm is messed up; the remote is not communicating with the alarm. It is one of those alarms that disables the sarted and if you shut the door the alarm is automatically enabled in 30secs. so Now I have to leave the car door partially open 24 hours a day. if the alarm is activated i wont be able to start the car unless I
1. first disconnect the battery.
2. turn the ignition to 'on'
3. reconnect the battery
4. start the car.
I guess it wasnt a good idea to leave the car without a battery for an extended period of time.

How do I get the remote and the car to communicate again?

Thanks bunch.
the alarm came with the car when i bought it new in 1996.
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Did you get a owners manuel for the alarm.....check in there for program modes. If not go to the dealer who installed it.
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Really the only person who could help you is the dealer, with one phone call they should beable to tell you what to do to reset the computer for the alarm.
In the mean time you could try this to reset the alarm. Put the key in, turn the ignition on(don't start the car) keep it on for 20 minutes, turn it off , then start the car.

Good luck
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I'm rereading your post, Did you check the battery in the remote?
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evevryone is asking question so let me ask one .....what kind of vehicle is it ?i might could help
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It sounds like the module has lost programming for that remote. The dealer should have the ability to relearn it. They can also tell you if your transmitter is working.
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Most factory installed alarm systems relearn themselves once power is restored, no matter how long it was disconnected for. I am leaning towards the other suggestions that you may have a remote problem.
BUT, One more thing you can try. Once you have everything installed, doors closed. Wait for the alarm to set. Go to the passenger side door and unlock it with the key. I have seen this work when someone sets an alarm and doesnt leave the FOB for us.
Hope this is helpful to ya,
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To answer your questions

The remote was/is working fine upto the last minute.

Toyota camry

alarm owner manual does not help much for this particular delima.

I bought the car in CA and now I live in MI.

I will try some of your suggesstions then maybe I will try the dealer.

thans a mucho
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What brand alarm is it?

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