No Drive in Forward or Reverse


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No Drive in Forward or Reverse

I have a '93 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 5.2 L engine, automatic transmission and approximately 120,000 miles. Engine runs fine, but the transmission will not engage in any gear (1, 2, drive or reverse) and just rev's up like in neutral.

I have had trouble losing fluid somewhere (none on ground after car stopped) and I put in a quart a week ago, filling to the bottom of acceptable on the dip stick. When I checked today after the car would not move, the transmission fluid level is well above the full mark, is dark brown and has a burnt smell to it. Is this something I have any chance of fixing? Would changing the fluid and filter have any effect?

Thanks for your help once again.
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the jeep

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Not sure but some of those Jeeps have problem with transfer case/center diff. If all four tires are not the same size/brand/amount of wear it will smoke the transfer case.
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I dropped the transmission pan in the hopes of finding something - about all I found was a brownish transmission fluid with a little burnt smell to it. Filter was also brown with two or three very small metal shavings in it. The pan also had a few small shavings, but nothing outlandish. Bottom of the pan was caked with about a 1/4" of sludge and the magnet couldn't attract any metal as there was too much sludge on it.

I checked the tires for size and brand and all are the same. So far, I have not check condition of the transfer case.

Any chance that old fluid and sludge caused my problem and a new filter, new fluid, a good cleaning of the pan, tightening the bands and a good prayer will clear this up? Anything else I can look for while the pan is off?
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mike from nj
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it better be a really good prayer

was there anything that looked like coffee grounds or sand in the pan?

it's very remotely possible that this will fix it. if the fluid is high(assuming you checked the fluid in neutral), and it won't move, that means the pump isn't working. and it's hard to make it not work. about the only thing that will make it not work other than physical damage is a completely clogged filter. that's your only 'hope'. unfortunately what clogs the filter is also bad, it's what's left of your clutches and bands and other stuff.

to check your transfer case, pull the drain plug and see what comes out---it will either be fluid or dust(and parts)
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Thanks for the advice. When I removed the three bolts holding the transmission filter on, a flood of fluid came out. Material on the bottom of the pan felt like mud, but no sand-like feel to it. So I changed the filter, cleaned the pan out well, drained the transfer case and refilled. I have now driven the car with my fingers crossed for two days now and the car seems to be running and shifting better than ever.

Is it possible the filter was just clogged and very dirty? Could it also be that when the fluid was low, I added Mercon III type fluid (as specified in my manual) and what was originally in the transmission was ATF +3 fluid (also specified as okay) and the mixing of the two caused problems?
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mike from nj
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what kind of manual would specify mercon fluid? i'm betting not a factory one. i'm also betting it starts with a C or a H and goes for like 30-40 bucks on the shelf in the big discount parts store.

mercon fluid is only used in the aisin warner trans(the AW4), and that ONLY comes behind the 4.0L(6cyl). this is the old school jeep trans that came in everything before chrysler took over. these are what you find in square (shoe box) style jeep cherokees

the 'grand' cherokee you own is a completely different vehicle, the 5.2L ONLY comes with a chrysler trans(44RE), and should be used with corrosponding chrysler fluid(atf+3).

did you hurt it any more than it already is? probably not

i think it's great that DIYer's are fixing their own trans problems, but you need the correct information, and you don't have that.

let's say in a worst case scenario the wrong fluid causes a trans to go south. now how cheap does that factory manual look, the one that would have specified the correct fluid?

a trans is a sealed system, with no combustion happening inside it like an engine. ideally, one it's broken in, it shouldn't need a filter. when things are wearing out(like the friction components, just like brake pads)those particles end up on the filter and in the worst case can clog it. no fluid to the pump=no go.

next time try using the correct fluid. you might have a shift feel issue, or worse, or nothing. i haven't personally put that type fluid in that type trans.

hopefully you will let us know if anything else happens.

sorry for my ranting, i've had a tough week!

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