Mass Air Flow Sensor


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Question Mass Air Flow Sensor

Could somebody tell me if the mass air flow sensor on a 96 Mazda 626 4 cyl. 2.0l will cause the car to go slow up hills? Does it have something to do with the transmission? My daughter's car goes slow and I told her to have the transmission fluid changed, the mechanic told her it was the MAF sensor. Is it a part on the transmission and is it something I can change myself?

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The mass air flow is a component on the air intake snorkel. It measure intake air volume. It is possible that the trans uses that input as a gauge for engine load and in turn responds with the correct transmission gear. I can't tell you for sure though. Does this mechanic specialize in transmissions or driveability? I might get a second opinion because that's a pretty expensive sensor.
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Unplug the MAF sensor an see if it runs better if so then that is probably the problem?
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Mass air flow sensor is on the air intake.
It measures the air flow into the throttle body.
The more air that flows through it lets the cars computer, control the gas flow from the fuel pump.
So, the faster the car goes, the more air goes through the sensor, which tells the computer to tell the fuel pump it needs more gas.
I hope this is easy to understand. I tried to make it simple.
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Yes the MAf is located between the air filter and the throttle body. Usually right after the air filter, which has an electrical connection on it. I would think if it was the maf it would throw a check engine light.
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Thanks guys appreciate all the help and good info.
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A dirty MAF sensor wire will cause a vehicle to act like it has a clogged convertor and loose power on hills and under a hard accel.Remove the sensor and clean the inside with a spray brake cleaner and reinstall.Give it a shot you never know, it has worked several times in the past for me.MAF sensors don't always set a code.
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Check out this doc-- very good writeup summarizing what MAF's are all about
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Nice description of a MAF sensor but I personally would not buy a Wells made MAF sensor.Clean yours and see how it goes first.

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