93 Sable brakes


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93 Sable brakes

I need to fig this out and get on with my life. 93 Sable, replaced a caliper assembly as the old one was pushed right out. I cant get the back to bleed, pedal stays stiff when I open the bleeders and no fluid comes. I thought the proportioning valve may have something to do with it so have bled the fronts, rears, tried to center the valve, still no dice. The fronts bleed fine and the pedal drops when I open the front bleeders but not the back???? There is a load proportaining valve in the rear? Must be some kind of diverter as to lines go to it before it feeds the rear wheels. I dont have a factory service manual on this. I know we have bled the backs on this car before, just dont remember what the trick was.
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I would crack the lines before they go into components to narrow down where the restriction is. example=open bleed valve on caliper and no fluid, crack line into caliper and get fluid=then the caliper must have a blockage in it.
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I hope you are trying to bleed the caliper with the wheels on the ground if not that valve won't let fluid flow.
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Try taking out the bleeder nipple on the caliper. It may be clogged.
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Thynaks guys, davo, we had considered that and have it jacked up at the wheels to simulate it sitting on the ground. It acts just like the rear brake line is rusted shut, we are going to disconnect it now at the proportioning valve and see what happens.

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