Voyager No Spark


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Voyager No Spark

Help - 1997, 3.0. Voyager. The engine rolls but there is no spark -have not had any problem with starting. Whether related or not - Pulled transmission replaced seal put everything back. When trying to start to back out of garage is when problem occurred. Have checked connections - and even replaced the crank/turbine sensor. Considering without tranny and with does anyone have any idea. Thanks
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Do you have a crank sensor bolted to the bellhousing? Sounds like you may have disturbed the mounting bracket if you do. Check for wires pinched in the bellhousing also.
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since the only thing you touched is the trans, i'm betting you broke/cracked/misadjusted the crank position sensor. this is NOT the turbine sensor which is in front of the trans. the crank sensor is towards the back, on the edge of the bellhousing. it also needs to be adjusted pretty close to make it work without weird things happening.

i've also seen the flexplate(flywheel) get mangled in the trans replacement process, but not enough to cause a no start, usually just a noise.

if the crank sensor is bad, you will also have no injector pulse or fuel pump continuing to run after the 2 second initial prime(along with no spark)

curious, which seal did you replace that required the trans to come out?? rear main or trans front pump seal?
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Voyager -

It was the front seal which was replaced. Dave talked of adjustment needing to be pretty close. Have already replaced crank sensor (on back of bellhousing) - others have told us this was turbine sensor-
What adjustment might you be referring to when replacing and how to accomplish? Thanks
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mike from nj
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ideally you want the crank sensor as close as possible without touching the flexplate. i've adjusted a few while idling, but i've also done a lot more the correct way.

the correct way is to put a specific sticky spacer(nothing more than thin cardboard) onto the tip of the spacer and install it. the spacer will wear away in seconds. any dealer anywhere will have this and i'll bet it's less than a dollar.

if you were in a pinch, i could see someone folding a business card in half, and cutting it to the size of the tip of the sensor and 'double sided taping' it to the tip.

also, you need to have the flexplate NOT lined up with a shutter hole in the tone wheel. simply stick your pinky into the crank sensor hole and make sure it's solid, not an opening or the adjustment will be off.

the turbine sensor is screwed in to the front of the trans and can never cause it to not start, it's not possible, it will only cause the trans not to shift.

ps. i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if this vehicle is over 100,000 miles, it's somewhat common for the o-ring behind the trans front pump to be hard, brittle, cracked and be the actual leak, not the seal on the front of the pump.
it's pretty easy to do with the trans out, provided you follow some easy steps.

let us know what you find, or if this helps you

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