isuzu diesel


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isuzu diesel

I have two isuzu diesel engine/transmissions, one from an 82 isuzu pup and the other from an 82 chevy luv. Both of the trucks are in bad shape, but the engines and trans are in great shape and operate well. I am thinking about finding a small 4 wheel drive truck and installing one of these engines into it. The question that I have is this, is it possible to adapt one of these engines into a small truck of a different make ( toyota,nissan,mazda,ford,mitsubishi). I am not worried about things like the mounting the engine and changing the fuel, just about the compatability issues between engine,trans,transfer case. Any idea would be appreciated.

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mike from nj
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if i ever had that much free time to do this, i would swap the entire engine/trans/transfer case over as one unit. make custom mounts for the engine and trans in the new frame. all the accessories can be made to work with some careful engineering.

the only issue i could think of is the driveshafts. somehow you will need to make the 'new' vehicle's axles mate to the 'old' vehicle's transfer case. maybe a custom driveshaft would need to be made too.

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