toyota pickup idle problem


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toyota pickup idle problem

I have a 91 toyota pickup 4cyl. 22RE. When it first starts cold it idles smooth but a little high,when it warms up it goes from high low high low constantly. I replaced the throttle postion sensor,seems to be no vaccum leakes,new theromastat,new plugs,wires,cap and rotor,pcv valve new,anyother ideas?
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Try lowering the idle speed screw (the large one facing up on the top of the throttle body). Screw it down to lower the speed.

Does the temp gage go to about the middle of the gage.

Did you purge all the air out of the cooling system.

Did you adjust the TP switch properly.

Hope no messed with the throttle stop screw.

Does the throttle cable have a slight amount of slack?
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dont mess with any idel screws its all computer controlled
i sugges taking the iac out and cleaning it it prolly has carbon built up on it.
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The idle speed is not computer controlled and has no ISC valve.

It has a thermostatic controlled air bypass valve for cold high idle.

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