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Question no reverse

98 neon When I put it in reverse, it feels like its fighting with it's self to go both ways and wont go either, when its in nutural it drive and shift fine. We have taken the pan gasket off and checked the e clip that is fine and everything in that area looks good. Have also checked all fluids before doing any thing and it was full to the proper line.

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mike from nj
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if it has no reverse(fighting itself), drives in neutral and it won't rev high in park, like it's fighting itself against the park pawl, then it can only be one thing. you have welded the rear clutch together. the trans is always in a forward gear basically.

how this happens: you (or someone else)was stuck on snow or ice and rocked the car too hard. drive, reverse, drive, reverse, etc...

when this happens, the tires are still spinning one way as the other gear is being applied( the other way )while the clutches are spinning. it overheats them big time. it's always best to stop the tires with the brakes before shifting to the other gear.
usually it just snaps a CV joint, but in rare occasions, it welds the rear clutch. consider yourself lucky it didn't spit the differential pin through the case. then you would need a complete new unit. yours is easily rebuildable.

when the trans guy rebuilds it for you, have him save the old parts and you will see what i'm talking about

see if it will roll backwards as soon as you shut the engine off(still in reverse), yet won't budge while it is running. that confirms this.


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