89 z24 cavalier


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Rod Pray
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89 z24 cavalier

I recently replaced the struts on this car and took it in for an alignment. They claim I need a camber kit because the holes in the caliper are not oval and they can't adjust. I know these holes are oval I just had it apart. Never heard of a camber kit are they trying to get 50 bucks for oval holes?
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No, some vehicles come with elongated holes and some don't. Almost none of them come with adjusting cams. Even if the strut is elongated, it is very difficult to adjust without installing the adjusting cam. Unfortunately many manufacturers now don't build in any means of making adjustment to camber and caster. There are many aftermarket companies that have come to the rescue and supply kits that will make them adjustable in the future. Some cars require excesssive drilling or filing to create adjustment. This is just a fact of life in late model vehicles these days. Most times it will cost more that the original alignment by even double or triple. Blame the manufacturers.

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