Fuel Injection Cleaner


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Fuel Injection Cleaner

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Techron is a good add in the tank cleaner.
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Originally posted by toyotaman11769
Techron is a good add in the tank cleaner.
That being said, I would opt for a professional pressure type cleaning instead. That's the only thing that actually fixes anything. Techron is a good preventative if used from new but not much help after the fact with a varnished injector.
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BG products, K44 is the best in the tank cleaner I have used. This is advice from the technician at the local GMC dealer. When I had problems with my injectors after the dealer cleaned them I asked the technician what to use.
He advised like Toyotaman said; techron for maintenance use, and if they get really dirty use K44.
K44 has cleaned them in one tank. Be ready for sticker shock, K44 is about $20.00 a can but it works.
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I use the BG K44 product in the tank when I do a fuel injection service. It comes as a stand alone or in kits.
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I use K44 also but I still don't think an "in tank" additive is going to bust a varnish build up.
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I know I'm new here, but I have been in the Automotive field for over 20 years, and the first thing we learned at Fuel Injection School was any cleaner strong enough to dissolve the build up in an injector is way too strong to put in the fuel tank, cause it will eat other things such as the paper inline fuel filter, and the plastic sock prefilter on the pump, and sometimes the pump themselves, thats why when you clean an injection unit professionaly on the vehical you have to bypass or block the return lines to the tank as not to get the cleaner in the fuel tank.

So keep in mind anything you can put in the fuel tank is not going to solve any real problems, as far as a dirty injector goes.

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