Mitsubishi Eclipse Intemittent Stops


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Mitsubishi Eclipse Intemittent Stops

I have a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse, 2.2L non-turbo, fuel injection.
Occassionally, I could not start the engine - the starter turns the engine, and it trys to run but the engine would not fire up.
If I step the gas paddle down to the floor, then it started.
(fuel pump ?)
When the engine runs, it sounds and seems to run quite well.

Also occassionally (happened several times), when I stop at the traffic light, the engine suddently dies. On re-starting, it started and runs fine.

Please give me some tips/hints where and what to look for ?!!
Thank you very much,
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When was the last tuneup? Might try filter, plugs and injection cleaning. Check the codes to see if the car can help you out any.
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are you sure it's a 2.2L, and not a 2.0L?

the owner's manual will specify the maintanence that needs to be done by mileage intervals. you should stick to it.

i would also clean the throttle blade, throttle bore and especially the AIS motor too. it is held into the side of the throttle body by two T-25 torx screws(has 4 wires, not 3 in the connector). clean everything with a good 'gum-cutter' type spray and wipe it dry until spotless with a rag. this should fix your stalling.

don't skip the maintenance when it comes to the timing belt either!

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