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Red face 87 Escort GT

Hi there!I have an 87 escort gt 1.9 ho 5 speed with apx 150k on it.I just recently purchased the car from a close friend who took pretty good care of the car.The only problem i have is that the brake system was done in...COPPER......D'OH.Some one should be embarressed.LOLAnyway my problem is i took the brake lines off.the master cylinderCleaned it removed the old lines cleaned booster etc.Well i removed the top lines on sides(for the front L/R)and i had to take what looked like 2 big bolts from the bottom where the lines for the back run into.And after i went to put them back on i realized that there is 2 different size fittings.So im sure where u can see where this is going.Now i dont know which one goes in the front and which one in the back(size wise)and also which one runs to which tire.I got a blown up diagram from the dealer but u cant make out where the lines run very well.Any help,advise or links would be appriciated.And I know,I know if i would have been more careful this wouldnt have happened.Shame on me....lol P.S.Why would there be 2 different sizes on the master cylinder??????? Thank You!
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mike from nj
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there's 2 different sizes on the master cylinder so they can never be switched. each port corrosponds to a different half of the car.

it used to be that the front disc brakes had the bigger reservoir area, and the rear drums had the smaller fluid reserve. now that most cars use one common fill cap, that might not be valid anymore.

i wouldn't even trust the old tubing routing if it was done in copper, someone with ZERO knowledge worked on this before you, and i would verify everything to be correct before reassembling. you're lucky to be alive.

if it was my car, i would head to the junkyard and rob all the steel lines off a similiar car. you'll get them cheap and they will be routed correctly, even take a picture of the junker before you dismantle. remember, the clips that hold the lines on are just as important as the lines themselves, without them, the lines will rub through in short order.

then i would go over everything possible on the car, there's no telling what else got the homemade rig job, and will leave you stranded somewhere, or worse.

make sure the brake pads aren't made out of plywood!

could you take some digital pictures of this and e-mail it to me?
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Hi there.I went out today and baught all new stainless steel lines,and also have a diagram of the brake system from ford.Im going to route the lines as they were new.You know the funny thing is on the car they have new brakes and they ran the lines where or seems to be where the factory lines go.It blows my mind why someone would do such a good job with copper????????Thanks for all your help again)

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