new car engine smell


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new car engine smell


I just drove home a brand new car and for some reason, there seems to be some sort of engine odor...smells like something was burning. Is this the way it should be?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Most new cars will in the first 100 miles or so have some burning type smells.

If you had rustproofing or undercoat applied you may have smells from those.
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not to worry

NEW car congrats dont worry the smell is all the stuff they put on new parts to keep them looking new during shipping.It will go away in a few miles give it like 500 miles.
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Is this an imported car?? I know Toyota is good for spraying a coating on the motor and tranny to protect it in shipping from corrosion, and they recomend not washing it off cause it will "bake" on and help keep road salt and such from corroding it as well.

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