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Question 94 Accadian

Hi Guys,
Gotta question for you. I have a 94 Accadian and it is making a very rough loud noise. I took it to the shop and they told me it was my driver side bearing and they changed it. Afterward it still made the same sound. I took it to someone else who told me it was the transmission but the noise doesn't change with change of gears it is consistant. while I am driving i notice if I turn the wheel slightly to the right the noise is there. If I turn it slightly to the left the noise goes away. I also feel a vibration under my feet while driving. I don't know if this is related but while idling the car revs very slightly every four seconds. It also does this while I am in gear if I am not moving. It doesn't matter what speed I am going the noise is still there but the pitch changes. As I said is not there when turning left and the more right I turn (such as ramps and so on) the louder the noise gets. I have taken the car to four mechanics and none can tell me what the noise is. It seems to be getting louder with time. It has made this noise since last March or April not sure exactly. I am concerned that if it breaks down while I am driving on the highway I could be in trouble. Can you help please?
This is very frusterating.
Thank you,
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It could also be a cupped up tire on the left front or the output bearing from the trans like he said. You can eliminate the tire possibilty by just rotating the tires.
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Thank you for your help. I will look into these things immediately. btw what is a cupped up tire?

Thanks alot
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If it is the outer bearings on the trans would I have to replace the whole transmission as the person lead me to believe?

Thank you

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I had a similar instance and it ended up being a half shaft. I suggest going to a parking lot where you can drive in circles. Turn the steering wheel all the way to the right and drive in a circle with window down, then do the same going to he left. Listen for any unusaul clunking you may even feel it in your steering wheel.
Wish you luck.
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you guys are great thanx alot. I will look into that as well. btw what is a half shaft? Is it dangerous? What does it affect? How will I know if that"s what it is? sorry for all the questions; I don't know anything about cars.


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