engine oil light on and overheating

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Unhappy engine oil light on and overheating

Seek help friends,
I have a VW Jetta 1994, 103k miles. It ran very well several months ago. In January, after I changed my engine oil for three or four days, the oil light was on while I was driving. I had the car towed to the repair shop, the mechanic told me there's nothing wrong with the engine. So I continued to drive. I normally drive my car twice for short distance every week. Then the oil light was on for a couple of times every time if I drove above 20 minutes. My car was towed to AAA. Then the mechanic changed my oil from 10:30 to 5:30 since the weather was cold, often below 20F. But he told me the car never got overheated at the shop. After that I drove once fine. Then the second time, after I drove more than thirty minutes, the oil light was on again and the engine smelled. I put more coolant in the tank and tried again today. The oil light was on again. I don't know what to do. I want VW specialist to check the car but the shop was far away.
Please give me some suggetions that what might be wrong.
Thank you!
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mike from nj
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the engine oil light and overheating are two completely unrelated things.

if the engine were to overheat, the temp gauge would be all the way to 'hot', and you might have steam coming from under the hood. it would also be damaging the engine.

if the oil light is on, it means the engine has zero oil pressure, which is the worst thing to do to an engine. i've seen with my own eyes, engines be destroyed within a few minutes of driving with the oil light on. the oil is the engine's blood. without it, it's dead.

not necessarily a vw specialist, but someone competent needs to hook up a mechanical oil pressure gauge directly to the engine, and drive it exactly like you do, and see if the oil pressure fluctuates or drops to zero. this will eliminate a lot of things, and point to a faulty sensor (for the oil pressure) or a wiring problem, or even a bad gauge. do not attempt to drive it far with the oil light on. as a matter of fact, don't drive it at all, with the light on, until it's verified to have oil pressure.

let us know what happens
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Thank you for your suggestions, Mike. I'll try to find an honest and qualified mechanic.

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