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Unhappy Just rebuild me

Circa 1988 Chevy 454 with 66K....written about it here already....in a big ol RV.....
So after a few months of messin with this, messin with that....I feel like this is never ending....so here's my none "do it yourself" question.
How much would I be looking at (ballpark) if I just take this to a local shop and say "rebuild it" as close to stock as you can?

I am guessing the price could vary widely, but I am looking for a starting point. If you can weigh in on this can you tell me what your "guess-timate" would include and what add-ons I could expect.

I really appreciate your help again guys...but I got this thing at a decent enough price ... even if I have to replace the motor, I just want to be done with it.

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mike from nj
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if the engine's compression is good, you might not need a full rebuild. maybe just a valve job, maybe a worn cam, maybe low fuel pressure....lots of things.

labor rates vary widely, one price in NJ would be completely different than in montana. ask the shops what their labor rate is, then multiply that by the amount of hours they would charge for the services. rebuilds take way longer than a simple reman. install. unless you find a good engine rebuilder, you can be causing more problems than you're fixing.

why not look at remanufactured engines, jasperengines.com comes to mind, then you would have a nationwide warranty too. plus the labor would be less because it is just a swap out and in job.

just some ideas
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I agree with Mike the jasper offers an excellent warranty and they back it.I would opt for the installation kit which includes belts/hoses/filters etc.What is the actual problem with the RV?
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I suspect the poster's expectations here are a little off. It sounds like your having a lot of problems with various engine repairs and think you will eliminate all your problems with a rebuild. When referring to an engine rebuild, you are talking about the internal wear items in the engine. Any external components such as fuel injection, water pump, all sensors and electrical components would be re-used from your engine and I suspect that's what your expecting to be renewed. Why don't you make your problem a little clearer here. What's the reason your talking about rebuilding?

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