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Toyota cv joints

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02-05-04, 09:19 AM   #1  
Toyota cv joints

Thanks for taking my ?
How hard is it to change cv joints on a '95 toyota camry
and do I need special tools

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02-05-04, 09:54 AM   #2  
Moderately hard. I did my wife's (same car) a couple of years ago. Go the whole route and replace the axle assemblies. Ours is a 2.2L, so if you have a V6 it may not be exactly the same. My recollection is that the biggest PITA was the center bearing/mount for the right hand shaft which is a bit difficult to work on as it is between the back of the motor and the firewall. Also, getting it BACK together is a little tricky as there is a large retaining clip that holds it togther that MUST be properly seated. Did it in my driveway, but next time I'll beg some lift time from one of our garage clients. You'll need a large socket and a good breaker bar (or impact gun) to remove the axle nuts, otherwise no special tools that I know of.

Oh, and the shafts don't like to come out of the tranny housing QUITE as easily as the repair manuals make it sound. May take some prying and smacking with a mallet, but be careful what you pry/beat on.

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02-05-04, 03:10 PM   #3  

Just a tip when you replace the axle make sure you get the correct one. I replaced mine on a Toyota and they gave me one for an automatic transmission I had a Manuel. Check it out length ,diameter and size if the nut on the end they vary,But that being said it is not a bad job dont forget your gear oil or trans fluid because some will come out.

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02-05-04, 09:53 PM   #4  
Amen to the previous posts
Replacing the whole "half-shaft" is pretty much your only choice
Large socket (wal*mart don't have it)
Impact gun (don't try it w/o)
Big mallet (I mean big)
Good prybars (a big screwdriver won't cut it)
Correct fluids on hand
No problem
well...OK...still a PITA...but doable!

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