Ignition cylinder question


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Ignition cylinder question

I have a 92 Camry and both keys won't unlock the ignition until I've just about lost my mind (and then it only works sometimes). Can I have a locksmith make new keys or does the cylinder need to be replaced?
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cut a key

the cheapest way is to cut a new key from the key code if that dont work you know what to do.
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The reason you dont want to cut off the old key is it is worn and the new one will be the same.
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I suspect the wear may be in the lock cylinder and not the key because of you having a problem with both keys.
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Replace the lock clyinder before it gets to point where it will no longer work.

It is much more difficult to replace when you cannot turn the key to release the pin that holds it in.

The key is worn, but so is the tumblers in the clyinder....just replace it before it's too late.

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