94' caravan transmission

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94' caravan transmission

I have a 94' dodge grand caravan with a 3.3 motor v6 the van runs very good but the transmission is acting up sometimes it will change just fine and sometimes when you come to a stop when it kicks down it thows it into low gear and when u start back agian it won't come out of low you have stop and turn it off and wait a few min. and when u take off agian it will change fine iv'e changed the fulid and filter still does it the owners manual says i can ajust the bands in it can somebody tell how to do that or anything elsethat might be wrong with the transmission it's a 3 speed automatic transmission .........thanks
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mike from nj
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something is incorrect in your post

no 3.3L could possibly come with a 3 speed(only a 4 speed)
a 3.0L could have either trans

no 4 speed has bands to adjust (only the 3 speed does)

what are the 8th and 10th digits of your VIN #?

what does it say on the shifter, "D" or "D with a circle around it"?

let us know
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I have a 93' T&C and the same thing has happened to me a couple times. It's going into "limp" mode. The computer does this to tell you something is wrong and it could be something as simple as a sensor. A good shop will be able to scan the tranny computer and find the trouble.
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94' caravan transmission

i guess it is a 4 speed transmission it has a d with a circle around it sorry about that i was reading the owners manual it didn't specify which transmission they were talking about sothe four speed has no adjustments?? so i should just take it to the shop
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I am a bit late posting this message..just found this sight..
I have had alot of experience with Chyrsler Transmissions.
My 1990 dynasty was doing the same thing...needed a new trans..and i was lucky it was under warrenty.
I found out that alot of Chry..trans from 1987 to 2000 where not the best and the weak part is the seals.
The seals get hard from heat and fluid starts to get past them..
I still have my dynasty and the TRans is going again in it...
It works better in the winter, because of the cold weather..
Because of all the trouble i will never buy another Chyr unless its got a really good warrenty..

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