Driver's side door BENT OUT

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Exclamation Driver's side door BENT OUT

My driver's side door was recently forced open quite a bit farther than it should have been, and now it doesn't close right. I get a pretty big breeze flowing through my car, and the door doesn't exactly sit right either. The car is a 1999 Ford Taurus SE (not the wagon).

My question is this:

Is it fixable?
Is it worth fixing?
How much will it cost (ballpark)?
Could this be a "do-it-yourself" job? (My brother, while not a mechanic, rebuilt a Ford Ranger - body as well as engine. Could we figure this out if we had the parts?)

Thanks for your advice!

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mike from nj
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either something happened that you're not telling us, or there was an attempt to steal it.

this is the latest trend on stealing cars, cars nowadays have such thin sheetmetal, that nearly anybody can pull the top of the door out and reach in and unlock it.

get three estimates from 3 different body shops and see if that's what you want to spend.

any bent door can be bent back, as long as the metal hasn't been creased. if the bent area is where the hinges are(like what you aren't telling us) then it pretty much is a body shop repair.
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What happened to my car...

It's kind of a long story, that's why I didn't share...

I live in Michigan, and we have about a foot of snow here right now. I was backing out of a friend's driveway (downhill I should add), and in the process got stuck in the snow. I wasn't very far off the driveway, and felt that it was something that I could get myself out of without to much hassle. I open the driver's side door, and .kicked the snow out from around my front driver's side tire. Standing in the driver's side doorway, I planted my feet on the ground and gave the car a push with my back. Well, this got my car unstuck from the snow - it started slidding downhill immediately. I jumped in the driver's seat... just as my open car door hit a city owned electricity box sticking up from the ground. Luckily, I hit the brake before my driver's side door was ripped off my car, but it was bent out at a 90 degree angle (much farther than it should have been). My car was completely in the snow, facing uphill, with the door being forced open by the electricity box. If it rolled backwards anymore, I lost my door, and it was impossible to push uphill. Even the tow-truck guy thought it was pretty funny.

And that's what happened to my car. Now the breeze flowing through is not only really cold, but a reminder of my own stupidity as well.

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